You have something unique to offer the world and we believe the world needs you.

Hello there, we're Maya & Patrick!

Over 15 years ago we started our creative business after having our first son. We were working in marketing and advertising and by the time we got home, we barely had any time with our son.

We wanted a change to our lifestyle so we decided to start our own business in hopes it would give us flexibility. As the business grew, we found it took so much time and effort and the flexibility we desired wasn't happening.

Before the arrival of our second son, we knew something had to change. We couldn't go at this pace anymore.

We stopped to determine what was important in our lives...

Family: We wanted the flexibility to be there for our kids in the ways that were important to us - to have dinner together, to support them in school and to explore together.

Work that mattered: We didn't just want to be working for money, although that was important, we needed more to keep us going on the difficult days. We wanted work that fueled a passion in us, that impacted others and that helped people make positive change in their lives.

Creativity Expansion: We wanted to continue to expand our creativity, to try new things, to take classes, and to play. We wanted to make the choice to go to a museum to explore or to take a day to paint. While we were in a creative business, we wanted to make sure we kept growing our creativity.

A few more fun facts about us

  • We started Laurent Collective (formerly Quiet Boy Studio) 15+ years ago to create artwork for homes and gifts to encourage and inspire.
  • Patrick illustrated the Bear Grylls Soul Fuel for Young Explorers book and the Pete Greig How to Pray A Guide for Young Explorers. He also illustrated Princess Wigglebottom and the Forgotten Christmas.
  • Patrick's hand lettering and illustrations have been featured in the She Reads Truth Bible, Bible Society UK, HP Sprocket, 40 Acts, Barnabas Clothing and more.
  • Laurent Collective's card designs are featured in select Trader Joe's stores in the US, on Thortful, Touchnote and the Felt app.
  • Maya started a photography business, Maya Laurent Photography, in 2008 which grew to 35+ weddings per year.
  • She transitioned to portrait photography with starting Such Great Heights Photography. Her work was featured in magazines, local clothing fashion shoots all while keeping the focus of the business on relationship building.