Creativity Podcast Episodes

Podcast episodes featuring topics on the creative process,

expanding your creativity and being creative as a family.

a photo of a vinyl record player on a dresser with the words "our teenager composed a music album"

Our son, Zane, composed a LOFI music album called Multiversal Calm. We interview him to ask about the creation of the album.

Zane talks about the time he used to create the album and how the creativity came about for it.

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a white background with different colors of paint on it with the words "how to find your creative voice"

Are you confused about your creative voice? It is confusing and we’re told all kinds of mixed messages on how we discover our voice in creativity.

In this episode, we talk about some questions to ask yourself when it comes to your creative voice.

a photos of a hand holding paint brushes with the words "fostering creativity with your kids"

Does it feel like you are battling technology in your house and you’d just love to see your kids do something creative?

We talk with our eleven-year-old son about what he likes about being creative. He shares the types of things we have in our house that he uses to be creative (clue: it’s nothing fancy). We also have a little chat about why we turn off the technology as parents to enable creativity to begin.

a photo of an easel with a white canvas with the words on top of the photo "joy in your creativity"

Sometimes you get stuck in your creativity and it’s no longer giving you joy to create. If you have a creative business, you can often lose your joy and think you always have to create for your business.

We have run into times when it’s been hard to find joy in our creativity. We’ve developed some ways to add fun back into creating. We share some ways that we have found bring joy back into our creativity.