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A photo of the castle at Magic Kingdom, Disney World with the words "Our Disney World Trip with some Disney Tips"

Disney World is a super fun trip for families but it can also be overwhelming. Our family recently visited Disney World in Orlando and we had a blast but we also learned a lot.

We bring our kids on for this episode to share everything from their favorite rides, experiences and tips for anyone planning a visit to Disney World. We also share a few tips on how to get reservations at the most popular restaurants.

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A floor covered in vinyl albums and headphones on laying on top

We have no control over the things our children become interested in. Their unique interests take hold in different ways and often it’s not always the same interests we hold as parents.

So how do we encourage them in their interests and how do we engage with them in those interests?

We chat about our kids and their vast interests. It’s been a challenge when we had other ideas for what they may be interested in, but we’ve found it so rewarding to engage with their interests as it creates a bond.

a light blue background with someone holding clear balloons with the words "how to celebrate the simple things with your kids"

Celebrating the simple things in life with your kids is not only fun, but it creates family memories. You don't have to spend lots of money or go crazy for each marker moment, but simple celebrations can make a big impression.

In this episode we talk about the ways we celebrate simple moments with our kids and also some ways we've celebrated the bigger moments.

Three kids reading a book with the words "Five Children's Books Our Family Loves"

For fifteen years we've been reading books to our kids and we've compiled our top five books in this episode. All five books are ones not only our kids have loved, but we've also loved as adults.

Whether the book has a message we think is important, the illustrations are beautiful or the story will make you laugh, we think you should have these five books in your house to read together.

Three Kids standing together with the words "Five Ways We Run Our Family"

In this episode of our five things summer series, we share the five ways we run our family. It's not perfect but doing these five things helps our family run a bit more smoothly.

We share about our weekly family meeting, our weekly marriage check in, meal planning, keeping a dry erase board with our schedule and a chart for the kids' family tasks.

a photo of Maya and Patrick Laurent walking down their aisle on their wedding day

Today, we have been married for 20 years! 20 years ago we couldn’t have imagined the type of life we live today and the ways we have grown together.

We share how we thought our lives would be 20 years ago and how we hope our lives look like in the next 20 years.

a photo of a swimming pool with a ladder with the words "working at home with kids in the summer"

Summer break brings on the challenge of figuring out how to work while your kids are home. After being in business for over 15 years, all of those while having children, we've tried some things out for the summer breaks.

In this episode, we share about how we make a summer schedule for our family and how we've made it work for our family.

a teenage boy looking out over a balcony of a stormy sky with the words "thoughts on raising a teenager"

Parenting teenagers is difficult, but it’s also filled with so much joy. Trying to understand their emotions and reactions is hard, but if you can find ways to communicate openly, you can get through it.

The teen years open up so much opportunity to discuss and learn about new things together. It’s not all hard, there is so much fun with raising teens too.

photo of three kids sitting by the fountain at London's Trafalgar Square with the words "how we do staycations"

Staycations are a great way to stay on a budget and spend down time together as a family. They tend to get a bad rap since you’re “staying home” instead of heading someplace else for holiday, but we have found to love them.

We share some of our tips on making a staycation relaxing and true time off from work and the daily grind.

a photo of a kitchen with things on the counter with the words "sharing the household tasks"

It can be super challenging to figure out how to share all the tasks within a household. Everything from cleaning to managing kids’ activities takes someone coordinating and taking the responsibility.

This has been a real challenge in our marriage through the years. We recently found a resource to help us talk through the household tasks and find a positive way forward. We share this resource and how it has worked for us.

a photo of a vinyl record player on a dresser with the words "our teenager composed a music album"

Our son, Zane, composed a LOFI music album called Multiversal Calm. We interview him to ask about the creation of the album.

Zane talks about the time he used to create the album and how the creativity came about for it.

a photo of maya and patrick laurent with the words "how we met"

We have been together for 24 years and married for almost 20 years. We have varying stories of how we met and how we began to date.

Each of us share our versions of how we met and laugh a lot at the differences in our stories.

a photos of a hand holding paint brushes with the words "fostering creativity with your kids"

Does it feel like you are battling technology in your house and you’d just love to see your kids do something creative?

We talk with our eleven-year-old son about what he likes about being creative. He shares the types of things we have in our house that he uses to be creative (clue: it’s nothing fancy). We also have a little chat about why we turn off the technology as parents to enable creativity to begin.

photo of boy stirring something in a pot and the words "how we get the kids to help around the house"

It can be difficult to get your kids to be on board with helping around the house. You want to help them understand responsibilities but it just seems too hard to get anyone to do anything.

We’ve had some years under our belt and have found a solution that has really worked in our family. The kids understand their responsibilities and we work together as a family team to keep the house functioning.

In this episode, we share these ideas and how you could take them into your family.

white stockings hanging on a mantle with the words "when you can't be  home for the holidays"

So many of us aren’t able to go home” for the holidays. It’s hard to know what to do during the holiday season because you live far away, work inhibits you from having time off or it’s just too expensive to get back.

We share our experience of being away from family and close friends during the holidays and how we’ve made it less lonely and have invited others into our traditions. It’s made our holidays feel warm and joyful.

photo of maya and patrick laurent in winter gear in the snow with the words "how we've learned to fight in our marriage"

Early in our marriage, Maya used to run and avoid any disagreements we had in our relationship and Patrick would try to get everything worked out right in the moment. Over the years, we learned this did not work for either of our personalities.

It has taken us time to learn how to honor one another's unique ways we need to come to a solution when things get heated. We’re sharing how we have grown in the way we fight and argue now.

photo of kids in the snow with the words "being the oldest in the family"

Are you the oldest in your family or do you have a first child? We sit down with our oldest son to chat through what it’s like to be the oldest sibling in the family.

All three of us are the oldest siblings so it was fun to share thoughts and hear how as parents, we may be a bit harder on the oldest child.

a mug on a table with marshmallows in the mug, a candycane on the table and the words "finding a way to make christmas less crazy with simple memories"

We found Christmas to be such a crazy time and we didn’t like that feel of the season. So we came up with some ways to slow down as a family and create simple memories that focus on our relationships and time together with our Advent calendar.

We share the story of our family’s Advent calendar and how we created a way for you to slow down with your family during the Christmas season.

a photo of a mom holding a baby with the baby feet in focus with the words "how to do you know you want to be parents?"

We have been asked many times the question “How did you know you wanted to have kids?” We thought we’d dive into this question and share whether or not we have an answer to this question.

a photo of three kids sitting on a sofa reading with the words "how to foster reading with your kids"

Our whole family loves reading but it has been a process to get everyone on board with a love for books. We share some ideas of how our kids have come to love reading and how we foster this in our family.

a photo of a family in London at Christmas with the words "city life with a family"

We love living in the city of London as a family. Our family just fits in the city and has adjusted to city life after living in the suburbs. We’re sharing some of the things that look different when you live in the city as a family.

photo of a mom with kids on a bench with the words "all questions allowed with our kids, well most"

We have a rule in our house that our kids can ask us anything and we will try our best to answer honestly. But we have ran into a couple things that we realized they just didn’t need to know the answer.

photo of maya and patrick laurent laughing with each other with the words "19 years of marriage reflections"

We’re celebrating 19 years of marriage this week! We share how horrible our first day of our honeymoon was but also share what we’ve learned about marriage over these 19 years.

photo of family decorating cookies at a kitchen table with the words "what happens at our dinner table"

Come be a guest at our dinner table. We love having conversations with our kids while we have a meal and we have a few ways that we get them to talk beyond just saying their day was “fine.”

laurent collective kids sitting on steps with the words "introducing our kids"

We talk about our children a lot on the podcast and ever since the podcast mics arrived they have been begging for us to interview them.

Our three kids share about what they love to create, how they find living in London and their interests.

photo of man drawing in a sketchbook with the words "working together as a couple"

Do you work together with your spouse in a business or has this past year of Covid had you at home with your spouse more?

We’re going to talk about some things we’ve learned over the years of working together and being in the same space a lot. We’ve worked together in business for over 13 years so we have a few things we’ve learned but we are still always learning.

father and daughter sitting outside with mugs of tea and reading with the words "creating connection points with our kids"

If you are a parent, you probably spend a lot of time with your children, but there are ways to make intentional times to build the connections within your family. We certainly don’t have this all figured out but we’ve picked up some ideas along our parenting journey and are sharing with you in this episode.