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A photo of ripples in the sand with the words "trusting a gut feeling" over the image.

The idea of trusting your gut is either something you understand or something that seems strange to you. Many of us have been told it's just us overthinking things when we have a strong gut feeling.

So how do we know when to trust our gut? We share a story that has gone on for years and how we're learning from it. We give some examples of ways we've trusted our gut feelings both in our personal lives and business.

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A photo of leaves on a tree that have changed to the color yellow. There are words over the image reading "simple changes can make a big impact."

We often think big changes are the only way to have a big impact in our lives or our businesses. But really, it's the simple small changes that lead to the big impact.

We talk through a simple change we made in the last few weeks that has had a bigger impact than we imagined. It's an example of how simple and small changes can often do more than we expect.

Photo of a sign reading "new year's resolutions" with party items surrounding it. Over the photo are the words "how to not give into the pressure of the new year."

It's the new year which means we're bombarded with messages telling us what we need to change in our lives. We're told to change it all as the new year begins.

What if we approached the new year in a different way and didn't give into all that pressure? We could ignore what the advertisements are telling us and instead decide what we'd like to be part of our lives. We chat about our approach to this new year and how to take pressure off new year's resolutions.

An image of a candle burning with the words "Resting before making a decision" at the top of the image

Making a decision can be hard if you're feeling a bit exhausted or busy. To make a clear decision, it's important to take some time to rest to look at things with a new view.

We chat about how we approach making decisions by taking time to rest. It's made us be able to approach decisions in a new way and to feel confident in our choices.

a photo of mountains with the ocean with the words "Thoughts on being true to yourself"

We all have our unique interests, ways we like to express ourselves and things that make us light up. Sometimes we feel like we should hide these parts of ourselves.

Our daughter had a recent experience that reminded us of the times we've hid parts of ourselves that make us unique. It was a learning lesson not only for her, but us as well.

We share our thoughts after the experience and how being true to yourself inspires others.

a photo of a bed with white sheets and pillow cases with the words "why do we feel guilty when we rest"

Resting is essential for our minds, our bodies and the growth of our businesses. So why do we feel guilty when we rest? Why can't we just enjoy the rest and the refreshment we feel afterwards?

We talk about having a recent restful weekend and how the thoughts of guilt kept creeping in. We felt guilty for not doing more work or having plans. We felt guilty that we watched movies with our kids instead of doing more activities.

Rest is needed and we have to step past that guilty feeling into knowing that we must rest for all the other areas of our lives to function well.

a table with notebook, pencils, paperclips, an eraser and a cell phone. The words "What it's like to live in London (our thoughts after 6 years)" are on top of the photo.

We took a month-long break from social media for our business. We were curious to see if it would change the amount of traffic to our Laurent Collective website and if it would change the amount of sales we had in the month.

The social media break was also a time for us to assess how we felt about using the platforms personally. We wondered if we spent too much time on them instead of engaging in our lives.

photo of noteboard that says "no one is you and that is your superpower" with the words "life advice from our 40s to those in their 20s" on top of the photo

We’re not ashamed to be in our 40s. We’ve learned so much in our lives so far that we have taken into each new stage and age.

In this podcast episode, we share about what we wish we would have taken into our lives in our 20s. In our 20s, we were really focused on our careers and climbing the corporate ladder because it meant more money to spend on more stuff.

Our perspective has changed as we’ve aged and we share these thoughts with those of you in your 20s, or in your 30s too.

field with sun showing through trees and the words "choosing slow open spaces"

Slow evenings, reading a book, knitting, sitting with candles burning, relaxing…how does that sound to you? There’s something about the idea of slowness that draws us in, that leaves us craving it. Yet we often choose the opposite, giving into filling our schedules to the brim.

In this episode we talk about how we’ve been embracing the slowness and settling into it.

a card catalog used as a table with some decor on top and on the wall with the words "the joys of living in a small space"

Living in a small space has its challenges but we have found a small space also creates a lot of joy.

A small space has helped our family keep an eye on the amount of stuff that enters our home, makes it easier to keep clean and helps us have family time. Even though we live in a small space, it doesn’t prevent us from hosting in our home.

photo a cliff with waves and water at bottom with the words "what it means to be brave not safe"

What does the word brave mean to you? Do you picture knights and swords?

It’s not always about going into battle, rather it’s about being authentically you and trying new things, even if you fail. It’s about stepping out of comfort zones and discovering more about yourself.

a photo of a tree with green shoots coming out of it with the words "a time to settle in and dig deep roots"

Are you in a season where you feel like your focus should close by, right where you find yourself? Instead of big moves or huge goals, you feel the need to settle in and dig deep right in your home or community?

It can be a strange feeling when culture tells us to constantly be going bigger, louder and bolder. We find ourselves in this settling in place and digging deep season. We share how it feels and how we’re fighting against the pressure to do the opposite.

packages with packing tape with the words "packed with love." Over the photo the words "what it's like to get rid of almost everything you own" are placed.

In 2016, we moved from the states to London and had to go through every single item in our house. It was hard to look at every item in our house in a new way and make decisions on what to keep and what to sell or give away.

In this episode, we share our experience to help you, whether you’re just trying to declutter your home or whether you’re moving houses. We take you through a set of questions to ask about each item and share how freeing the process can be for you.

yellow background with a microphone on stand and the words "how to say no to opportunities not meant for you"

Saying no to new opportunities is so hard because we want to be helpful and to help others. However, we can’t say yes to everything. Saying yes to it all leaves us exhausted and unable to help in a positive way.

So how do you determine what opportunities to say no to and how do you say no in a kind way? We discuss this by taking you through some questions to ask of each opportunity and some kind ways to say no.

a set of red brick steps with the words "stepping slowly into the new year"

As a new year begins it can be so tempting to jump in and run after new goals and habits. Most of us are still feeling some type of exhaustion from these past few years and the idea of running into a new year sounds daunting.

We share how we’re approaching this year. Whether you do new year goals, habits or resolutions, you don’t have to hit all of them at once on January 1st. However, you can still make progress one step at time.

a snowy scene with a close up of an outdoor lamp and the words "remember to stop"

As you head into this holiday week, remember to stop and take a deep breath.

This week is not meant to make you exhausted. This week is meant to remember the quiet night that the world was preparing for a joyful morning.

a photo of a bed with white bedding with the words "how to build rest into your schedule"

As we enter into a new year, it’s important to build rest into your schedule. Even when you think you don’t need it, our bodies need regular rhythms of rest.

We chat about what we’ll be doing in the new year to make sure we’re building in rest into our schedule.

photo of an hourglass with the words "year end reflection questions for your business"

Timing is so hard when you really want something to happen in your life. Waiting and patience aren’t easy to apply to situations when you really want something to happen in your timing.

We’ve just gone through a season of not having major life moments happen in the timing we hoped. We’re sharing some things we’ve learned and are still learning as we have waited and tried our best to be patient.

white stockings hanging on a mantle with the words "when you can't be  home for the holidays"

So many of us aren’t able to go home” for the holidays. It’s hard to know what to do during the holiday season because you live far away, work inhibits you from having time off or it’s just too expensive to get back.

We share our experience of being away from family and close friends during the holidays and how we’ve made it less lonely and have invited others into our traditions. It’s made our holidays feel warm and joyful.

 stack of books on a table with a mug that says "tea" on it with the words "our current favorite things" over the top of the image

We are sharing our current favorite books, shows and podcasts in this episode. We chat about why they are our current favorites and the differences the two of us have in what we like.

a white tabletop with an iphone with the cord plugged in. on the phone screen it reads "you will never be ready just start." the words "just get started" are at the bottom of the image

Sometimes it’s hard to take a step into something you’ve been wanting to do for awhile. You

have to take that first step and just get started!

We’re sharing some lessons we’ve learned about getting started in all areas of life. We hope it brings you some motivation to go for it and just start whatever it is on your mind.

open books on a table with the words "what you learn from failing"

We all learn so much when we go after something we believe in and we fail at it. We had a dream of having a non-profit and we went for it, but it didn’t succeed like we thought it would. After closing the doors to the non-profit, we have had years to reflect on what we learned from failing.

a yellow dial up telephone with a hand pick up the handset and the words "why it's so hard to ask for help"

Do you find it hard to ask for help? Whether it’s asking for help in your personal life or in  your business, it’s just hard to ask for help. We personally struggle with this and recently got to a point that we realized we needed to ask for help. We chat about this and what we are learning in asking for help.

a photo of a monarch butterfly on a plant with the words "how a butterfly taught us about trusting the next step"

Most of the time in our lives, we can only see the next step we need to take. Maya shares a story about following a butterfly on a path and how it reminded her of just trusting in the next step.

two people holding disposable coffee cups with the words "creating friendships in new places"

Moving to a new place has many challenges but one of the biggest hurdles is making new friends. We experienced this as we moved to a different country away from the close friendships we formed over the years.

We chat about what it has been like to move into a city and try to establish new friendships. It’s scary putting yourself out there to build new friendships and we have found that is the key...sometimes you have to go first.

We hope this chat is encouraging if you find yourself wanting friendships and are struggling to know how to create those and seek them out.

a photo of a cafe table and chair with the words "our thoughts on dating in today's connected world"

While we’ve been out of the dating world for a long time, we have plenty of friends dating in this age of swipe right, left and constant texting contact.

We laugh as we realize our dating profiles would not match up and how being in constant contact would cause a lot of stress. Join us for a conversation on some of our observations of the dating world today.

a picture of a wallet with a $100 bill sticking out with the words "we got out of $60,000 in debt in 6 months" over the top of the photo

Debt holds you back from so much and for us, being $60,000 in debt held us back from being able to give in the ways we desired.

Debt doesn’t have to be part of your story forever, but it does take time and effort to be serious about stepping out of it. We share our story and what worked best for us to come to a place of debt freedom.

photo of a beach with waves with the words "fighting back against busy"

Do you feel like life gets too busy and you don’t have any time to build relationships?

When you’re busy you don’t create space for rest and don’t allow lingering time with others. We talk about what we’re finding as our time opens up in new ways and how we find space to grow deeper relationships and for rest.

photo of a pier with water and some trees in the background. The words over the picture say "jumping into the next step even when it doesn't make sense"

We often get asked how we ended up living in London and today we’re going to share part of that story.

As we share our story we’ll discuss how you process jumping into something when it doesn’t make sense.

a photo of a watch on a beige background with the words "your priorities and your time part 2"

We continue our discussion on figuring out your priorities and how you spend your time. If you haven’t listened to Part 1 in Episode 5, head back to give it a listen before diving into Part 2.

We explore some concepts that have helped us like block scheduling and figuring out what time of day you work best.

a black wall with lots of different clocks hanging on the wall with the words "your priorities and your time part 1"

The idea of finding balance in your life is widely talked about, but is it possible? It seems to us to be more of an unbalanced act as you go in and out of different seasons of life.

Today we’re sharing some thoughts on figuring out your priorities and how you spend your time. We think about your dream life and what essentialism looks like to help you with your yeses and noes.

a wood path on a beach with the words "staying on your path"

It’s so easy to see what other people are doing and want to mimic them, but we all have a unique path. So how do you stay on that path and not get side-tracked to what others are doing? We’re going to talk about that today.

photo of homes with a blooming pink flower tree and blue sky with the words "how to make the big and little decisions in life"

Are you overwhelmed about making a big decision or perhaps it’s all the little decisions that are causing stress?

We're facing a big decision so we thought we’d share some steps we’re taking in the process.

Today we’ll share some methods to think through decisions you face. We explore the criteria we’ve created for saying yes or no to the opportunities we’re presented in life.