London & UK Podcast Episodes

Podcast episodes talking about life in London and living in the United Kingdom.

Christmas treats in front of a Christmas tree with the words "What Americans think of UK Christmas Desserts (Sorry Puddings) "

British Christmas desserts seem to have one thing in common - dried fruit. So what do we as Americans think of the dried fruit combo in these holiday desserts?

We give some of the common UK Christmas desserts a try from Christmas pudding to minced pies and we give our honest opinion. (Spoiler alert: we may not be fans of some of the options).

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A photo of people cheering with glasses with a table filled with food with the words "Thanksgiving in the UK" on top

Celebrating Thanksgiving outside of the United States is strange, but also fun. People in the UK are fascinated by the American tradition and ask lots of questions, and want to experience it.

We share how Thanksgiving has looked for us since moving to the United Kingdom. It's taken on all forms of a super full house to multiple Thanksgivings in a weekend.

Picture of a bunch of candle spread out on a white background. The words "The differences of celebrating Halloween in the US & the UK"

Holidays take on different forms in different cultures and Halloween is one we've noticed is celebrated differently in the United Kingdom than in the United States.

Halloween tends to be more community minded and cute in the states versus a bit more dark and scary here in the UK. We share how we celebrated Halloween in the states and the other differences we've observed here in the UK with this holiday.

a picture of disco balls with the words which american high school traditions aren't a thing in the uk?

We both grew up in the states and experienced prom, the idea of a community cheering for high school sports and our senior year with graduation, open house and senior portraits. Our kids aren't growing up with these as the normal experience now and it's kind of strange for us.

We talk about this in the podcast and how things that are part of the American culture of high school aren't parts of secondary school here in the UK. We don't think it's good or bad, but it's interesting to observe when you're in a different culture.

A picture of Big Ben, Houses of Parliament with the words "Five Family Friendly Activities to do on Your Visit to London"

London is a family friendly city to visit as there's so much to do for both kids and adults to enjoy. A bonus is that a majority of the museums are free!

We bring our kids along for this episode to share the five things we love to do in London and a couple of tips that make the experiences fun for the whole family.

A girl holding British treats with the words "Five British Treats Our Kids Think Your Kids Will Love"

When you visit Britain there are some fun treats our family thinks your family will love. You may be able to find some of these in the international section of your grocery store in the states.

Everything from biscuits to Cadbury fingers made the list that our kids think you should try.

A photo of an alleyway of buildings with Tower Bridge in the distance

We've lived in London for six years this month. While moving a family of five to a different country had lots of challenges, London ended up feeling like the right place for our family fairly quickly.

Along with our oldest son, we discuss why London fits for our family and a few of the things we still find difficult. Overall, London now feels like home and we share why the city has become the place we call home.

a card catalog used as a table with some decor on top and on the wall with the words "the joys of living in a small space"

Living in a small space has its challenges but we have found a small space also creates a lot of joy.

A small space has helped our family keep an eye on the amount of stuff that enters our home, makes it easier to keep clean and helps us have family time. Even though we live in a small space, it doesn’t prevent us from hosting in our home.

photo of big ben and houses of parliament with the words "what we have learned from uk culture"

We’ve lived in the United Kingdom for six years and have experienced and learned so much from the culture here. There are things we have ingrained into our lives now or are at least working on making them part of our lives.

We talk about how time is different here, the importance of holiday time, an appreciation for food and travel accessibility.

a photo of a family in London at Christmas with the words "city life with a family"

We love living in the city of London as a family. Our family just fits in the city and has adjusted to city life after living in the suburbs. We’re sharing some of the things that look different when you live in the city as a family.

photo of tower bridge in london with the words "more cultural differences between the uk and us"

We share some more cultural differences between living in the United States and the United Kingdom. We talk about healthcare, walking paths and tea this time.

photo of union jack flags flying in london with the words "do we speak the same language in the uk and us"

We moved to the UK five years ago and thought we’d understand most things as we speak the same language. But is the language the same?

Do you know the difference between pants and trousers? We learned this and many other differences in some embarrassing ways. We have a good laugh at some of the differences and the cultural adjustments.