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Maya and Patrick come to you weekly on the The Laurent Collective podcast where they go deeper into exploring everything from family, business, creativity, culture and faith. They will take these discussions beyond just surface talk and into a vulnerable and open look at each topic.

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Recent Podcasts

Are we going to quit social media?

Social media is hard to keep up with and it often doesn’t help you see the results you want in your business. Is your social media bringing money to your business?

We’ve been considering quitting social media for our business and focusing on the areas that drive traffic and money to our business. We chat about the thoughts we’re in right now with the decision and how our time might be better used elsewhere.

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Working at home with kids in the summer

Summer break brings on the challenge of figuring out how to work while your kids are home. After being in business for over 15 years, all of those while having children, we've tried some things out for the summer breaks.

In this episode, we share about how we make a summer schedule for our family and how we've made it work for our family.

Choosing Slow Open Spaces

Slow evenings, reading a book, knitting, sitting with candles burning, relaxing…how does that sound to you? There’s something about the idea of slowness that draws us in, that leaves us craving it. Yet we often choose the opposite, giving into filling our schedules to the brim.

In this episode we talk about how we’ve been embracing the slowness and settling into it.